Center For New Beginnings

Center For New Beginnings

Child and Adolescent Services

Your child or adolescent may be referred for services due to a variety of concerns which may include, but are not limited to, social adjustment, inappropriate behavior at home or school, poor school achievement, developmental delays, or trauma issues. As such, it is imperative that children and adolescents be provided with caring, age-appropriate and professional treatment.

Our therapists employ a variety of techniques in working with children and adolescents within a warm and accepting environment. It is important to the success of our treatment to create an ambiance of safety as we help our young clients to learn new ways of coping with their difficulties.

We use talking and play therapy approaches to facilitate assertive self-expression and decrease acting-out behaviors. Other approaches we may use include art, music, or movement therapy techniques to bridge the gap between verbal and non-verbal communication and to foster personal growth.

Treatment may, and probably will also involve working with you, the parent or guardian, to help you better understand your child's individual needs and maintain your guidance and positive influence in your child's life.

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